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Tally Training
Tally Training

We provide on-site training in the following topics. We also provide additional customised training in other advanced features of Tally according the clients’ needs.

  • Basic Accounting Training
    • Tally accounts setup: Creating companies, using groups and ledgers, maintaining voucher types
    • Accounting voucher entry: Purchase voucher, Payments, Sales vouchers, Receipts, Journals
    • Accounting Reports: Voucher reports, ledger reports, outstanding reports, Statement of accounts, and final reports (Balance sheet, P&L, TB, Cash Flow)
  • Basic Inventory Training
    • Tally inventory Setup: Using stock groups, items, unit of measures
    • Inventory voucher entry: Sales and Purchase Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes, Physical Stock Verification
    • Inventory Reports: Stock ledgers, Stock summary
  • Advanced Accounting Training
    • Use of Cost Centres
    • Use of Cost Categories
    • Use of Multi-Currency
    • Use of Budgets
    • Using Filters in reports
  • Advanced Inventory Training
    • Use of alternate and chained Units
    • Using Locations
    • Using Purchase and sales order processing
    • Using Tracking numbers for Delivery note, Receipt Note and Rejections

Tally Customisation

We are experts in Tally customisation with more than a decade of experience in customising Tally for various industries in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Turkey, etc. Some of the common Tally customisation we handle with professional ease and speed are:
  • Source Document Printing
    • Printing on plain and pre-printed paper including addition of new fields for data capture in voucher entry
    • Printing multiple forms along with the main source document (From invoices and DOs printing Packing Lists, Lampiran M1M2, K, GPB, Customs Form9 etc., printing payment advice from payment vouchers)
  • Report Generation
    • Changes to Tally's default reports (Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports by Cost Centres, Addition of Selling Price column in Stock summary report, etc.)
    • New custom reports (Receivables and Payables report aged by months instead of days, Notes to accounts for Balance sheet, Profit & Loss with calculation of profit after tax, Passenger Arrival report based on tour dates for Tour & Travel company, Client Disbursement payment report for Audit, Accounting and tax company, Cost of Production schedule for Manufacturing companies, Poisons Wholesales Book, Psychotropic drug supply register, etc.)
  • One-time or periodic Data migration/integration
    • Custom database systems (Co-Operative society, Educational Loan tracking, Invoicing systems)
    • Standard off the shelf products (Payroll, Point-Of-Sales systems)
    • Large Enterprise Systems (SAP financials)
  • Automation
    • Selecting a group of pending bills to be paid in entry of payment vouchers using date range
    • Conversion of Purchase Orders received from customers into Sales Orders using XML Transformation