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Tally.ERP9 for GST Malaysia
Approved by Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia and certified as Malaysian GST compliant on 25th July 2014 (Ref: KE.HF(121)426/05-74)



The following features are available in the update. Please refer to the FAQs published by Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia’s portal


  1. All standard rated GST codes with 6% will become 0% effective 1-Jun-2018, this means that when users select say the new GST code “SR-0” to bill items or services, the GST calculated will be 0 (as per FAQ 1.1 and FAQ 17.19)


  1. You need to continue to file the GST Form3 (as per FAQ 6.1), Tally will incorporate the following changes,
    1. Form3-5a will show the total standard rated supply whereas Form3-5b will show 0 as no tax will be billed or collected after 1-June-2018. If the invoice is dated prior to 1-June-2018 then Tally will automatically retain the 6% calculation for the new standard rated GST codes.
    2. Any taxes paid under standard rated purchases (acquisition) can be still be claimed using Form3-6a and 6b (as per FAQ 5.1)


  1. GAF (GST Audit File) will still be relevant and you will able to submit the same whenever requested by JKDM or related authorities (as per FAQ 16.1).





We recommend that you stay current and avail the “tax holiday” generously given by the Malaysian government.

Ensure that your Tally Software Services annual subscription (TSS) and your Annual Support Contract (ASC) are both active to receive the update FREE of charge.

If either of them is not active, please reply to us so that we can send you a consolidated quote immediately to enable you to be ready before 1-June-2018.


Additionally, as you are under our Tally Software Support contract you can enjoy a discount on the Sales & Service Tax (SST) update for Tally when the Malaysian government announces the SST in the coming months!


GST Presentation:
To view the presentation. click on the icon.
GST Brochure:
For an overview of Tally.ERP9, click the icon.

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(As per the links provided by JKDM, please visit for more details.)